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Garment Re-labeling is a great way to brand your own or your client's apparel from stock clothing. For example, removing the existing neck label from a T-shirt, Polo, or Hoodie and replacing it with your own private, or corporate clients label immediately changes the perception of your merchandise to the end user, from a stock garment to a bespoke garment, giving it that professional look.

The different Re-Labelling options are explained below:

tick Cut and Sew - We cut out the old label as close to the neck tape as possible and stitch the new label on top of the neck tape Cut-and-Sew
tick Unpick and Sew - We will unpick the stitching on the neck tape, therefore completely removing the old neck label, insert the new label and stitch the neck tape closed – so the garment looks like its been manufactured this way Unpick-and-Sew

Once the old label has been removed, we can add any label style you could want, from an End Fold, Mitre Fold, to a single cut label.


For the different Label options please click here:

End-Fold---Label Loop-Fold---Label Manhattan-Fold---Label Mitre-Fold---Label Single-Cut---Label
 End Fold  Loop Fold  Manhattan Fold Mitre Fold  Single Cut 




Hoodie---Label-Side-Pocket  Re-Label---Bottom-of-Tshirt Tabbing

At H&B Clothing, relabeling doesn't just mean we can change neck labels, we can also add tabs:
tickTabs can be inserted into a garments side seems, attached, to the garments bottom hem, or even on sleeves, the possibilities are end less.





In addition to the all the above, H&B can also, stitch on patches, or labels onto garments. We can stitch these on all four sides, to either cover a print or embroidery gone wrong, or as an item to further decorate your garment, giving it a completely different look/feel to printing or embroidery.




Similar to garment re-labelling, we can remove old buttons, and replace with branded buttons, again adding value to your garments, and giving you that edge over competitors.



Transfer Printing

Re-labelling is a great form of branding, however, at H&B we understand not everyone likes neck labels, so instead we can remove the old neck label, by either cutting it, or unpicking, and transfer print the contents onto the back neck, of a T-shirt, Polo Shirt, or Hoodie. This form of decoration is becoming increasing popular with the music industry.


If you require any information regarding legal issues with labelling please visit: http://www.ukft.org/rulesandregulations/rules®ulations.php?mid=5&mdid=48&scid=211


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